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Friday , June 6th , 2014 - Embedded Systems and Open Source Development

Last year Scott Garman stopped by the Tokyo Hacker Space and gave a brief talk on the MinnowBoard, an open source embedded hardware platform for hackers and makers. He is currently on a personal trip that brings him to Tokyo for a few days and asked to to be included in any activities where he would have the opportunity to connect with locals, especially folks hacking hardware or software.

The timing of the Tokyo PC User group monthly meeting for June is perfect. It’s happening at the Tokyo Hacker Space venue on Friday evening , the 6th .

Scott offered to give those attending an update on MinnowBoard MAX (the new successor to the MinnowBoard that is coming out next month) and field related questions.

He also offered to do a ‘show and tell’ on the Teensy microcontroller, a complete USB-based microcontroller development system, that is designed in Portland, Oregon.

Scott is well grounded in the Embedded Linux Community, the Yocto Project and the open source developer community in Portland, OR. . So join us if you want to share what you have been working on, have interests in these areas or if you are looking for a little inspiration to get started. 

The venue for the TPC June monthly meeting is again the Tokyo Hacker Space. Last summer THS made the move to a new location in the Nogizaka neighborhood. It is just a three minute walk from the Nogizaka Subway Station on the Chiyoda line. Use Exit Number 3. At the top of the stairs reverse your direction and walk toward the Bridal House. You canít miss the vertically stacked display windows with wedding gowns.  After about 70 meters this road ends in a T intersection. Take a left turn. Walk this road for just under 100 meters to the second intersection to the right. THS is around the corner on the right at the second wide garage bay door. There is usually a THS banner at the entrance.


TIME: The door opens at 7 pm ; We will get started around 7:30
COST: General Admission, 1000 yen ; THS members, free.
VENUE: This meetings is being held at the Tokyo Hacker Space space
near Nogizaka Station. The THS web site has written directions as well
and a map.  http://tokyohackerspace.org

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