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August 8th , 2009 (Saturday) : An Akihabara Tour

Tour Guide: Mike Tokue

This month the TPC had an Akihabara tour
instead of the usual monthly meeting at Omotesando.

Mike Tokue , the TPC Vice-President, conducted
the tour on Saturday, August 8th.

The Plan :

The meeting place was just outside the Akihabara Station
“Electric town” exit A at 1:00 P.M.  (3-4 hours)

The group toured the back streets of Akihabara, some notable places,
PC parts, Secondhand stores and stopped for a curry to finish the day.

March 3 2005 Jim Ryan Information Systems Officer for the U.S. Embassy

James F. Ryan, Information Systems Officer (ISO) and Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) for the U.S. Embassy Tokyo last spoke to the TPC well over a year ago.  At the time, his presentation was very well recieved. Some in the audience even asked for copies of it to use with their own firms.

Now is your chance to hear how the U.S. Embassy treats its computing security issues and learn from the pros.

Thursday, March 3
Tokyo Union Church
Meeting starts at 7 pm, presentation at 7:30.  Doors open at 6:30
All are welcome.

February 3 2005 Hitachi Maxell to demo the Digital Pen

Mr. Takashi Takeuchi, Director and General Manager of Hitachi Maxell’s Mobile Device Division is with us in February to discuss digital pen technology and its applications, and provide a demonstration of the pen’s capabilities.

The digital pen is a completely new IT device that converts analog information such as handwritten characters and drawings into digital information. The digital pen Anoto functionality can expand network utilization in business and home operations. The digital pen can instantly capture data written almost anywhere—on forms like order sheets and health record cards—as well as important manuscripts and scribbled sketches. Data is stored in the pen’s memory, for transfer to personal computers or other devices using Bluetooth or USB interfaces. The digital pen is so simple and easy to use, that the sophisticated state-of-the-art technology is transparent to most users.

Currently, Mr. Takeuchi is in charge of Hitachi Maxell Digital Pen business. Previously, he worked in the Development Center of Hitachi, and managed Hitachi Digital Heibonsha’s Digital Media Editing Department, where the CD-ROM encyclopedia was developed. Mr. Takeuchi started his career with Hitachi Consumer Research Center in 1970, where he developed various high tech items, including the world’s first CD-ROM, digital audio, optical discs, Hi-vision presentation & authorizing system and Sega Saturn, in addition to home electric appliances.

Venue: Tokyo Union Church, Omotesando. Doors open at 6:30, 30 minute business meeting begins about 7:00 p.m. or a bit after, presentation starts at 7:45 p.m.

Jan 2005 Corporate Document Creation, how to do it and how not to do it

Nils Plett, Co-Founder and CEO of QE Tech KK, presentation topic will be on how current corporate document creation methods are not productive despite being central to global business processes and how QE Tech’s Authoring Technology is designed to solve this issue.

QE Tech’s initial product, WritE-mail, is the first writing software incorporating QE Tech’s Authoring Technology to guide users logically through the creation of a document. It is currently being used by several multinational corporations as a culturally neutral communication platform that standardizes input allowing users to focus on the message instead of the structure.

Nils has more than 16 years experience in multinational IT corporations, working extensively with building IT infrastructure and developing software products to increase employee productivity in multi-lingual environments. Nils co-founded QE Tech to combine his skills and experience with two colleagues to develop products and services that increase employee productivity and provide direct and measurable returns on investment to corporations operating in multilingual, multicultural business environments.

Nils has a BA degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara in political science and an MBA from McGill University’s MBAJapan program in Tokyo.

Dec. 2004 Obtaining Venture Funding for SMEs

Mike Alfant, building2, President - Obtaining venture funding for SMEs and Expert Advice About Building A Business in Japan for SMEs

Michael Alfant is a Serial Entrepreneur better known for his enthusiastic involvement with rest of the business community of Tokyo. He is recognized for leading his former IT solutions company, Fusion Systems to one of the biggest acquisition deal ($58M) ever made by a foreigner in Japan.

He is a dynamic, prominent leader in his field, who will share his personal insights on achieving ‘balance’ in leadership; where often at times, relying on good management skill will not prompt you to go that extra mile.

Mr. Alfant is a sought-after speaker for diverse, popular trends & technological topics and events buzzing around Tokyo today and as a long-standing member of the ACCJ, he’s been involved in a wide range of technology-related issues, primarily focused on making key emerging technologies accessible to the business people who rely on them to meet the challenges of the evolving and dynamic competitive environment.

His present company, Building2 is a technology investment firm located in Tokyo and Boston. Building2’s entrepreneurs commit their energy and capital to a growing portfolio of private companies, integrating a collaborative network of firms focused on broadband, wireless and 3G telephony infrastructure initiatives.

October 2004 Matt Van Horn on The Art of Web Application Development

Speaker: Matt Van Horn, Application Architect & Website developer

Attendees of the October meeting learned the differences between web applications and web sites; what the roles of the creative, the technical and the administrative functions do and why you need all of them; and the five phases of a web development project —Thinking, Planning, Executing, Testing and Deploying.

Matt spent a lot of time explaining the five phases, when and where a project could fail and why. He also touched on the concepts of Pragmatism, Teamwork, Personal Responsibility and Morale and how they provided a practical framework from which to work. The animated and curious audience asked questions throughout the presentation which made for a very lively discussion of the issues.

Matt stressed the need for standards to insure that everyone involved with the project will speak the same language. This makes it easier to test the site, leverage the knowledge of others and it enables more parallelized development.

For example, he suggested a simple data document to start the process rather than a wireframe. This allows the graphic design, HTML/CSS coding and the Programming to be done concurrently, where issues relative to each can be addressed with less conflict. He also encouraged the use of standards when naming files, diagram objects, bug reports and CVS comments.

Finally he discouraged the use of email to discuss issues, (Yes!) turning to more appropriate tools like an intranet, Wiki, Basecamp and Trac to make knowledge transfer and documentation of results easier.

He left us with a sense of the critical nature of testing in all its forms; why it’s often ignored and how that results in a less useful site. What the benefits of automated and functional testing are and why companies should invest time and money in developing professional testers.

A copy of the presentation can be found at his site http://www.mattvanhorn.com under Communicate.

Sept. 2004 Jeff Char on Selecting technology companies for venture funding

Jeff Char, J-Seed Ventures on how tech companies are selected for funding; and what small companies should do to make themselves attractive to venture

July 2004 Lance Gatling on "A Spectrum of Weapons Technology"

Speaker: Lance Gatling

Technology changes the world in which we live in many visible ways. But technology also changes the world of war and weapons around and above the globe. Mr. Gatling spoke about some of the tremendous changes in weapon technology over the past 100 years, literally throughout the spectrum, how it affects the world around us, and why that change is accelerating rather than stabilizing.

June 2004 Jim Weisser on Web Services and RFID's

Jim Weisser, Principal at Weisser Consulting, focused on telecommunications and network rationalization, Internet security and Japan market entry issues in his presentation.

Weisser Consulting is a Tokyo based consultancy and can be reached at 090-9674-4045

May 2004 Andrew Shuttleworth on Creating a Personal Web Presence

Andrew Shuttleworth hosted an open discussion on creating your own personal web presence. Focus areas included tools available to design your own web site - both PC software and blogging tools, web site hosting and regsitering your own domain name. Both experts and beginners shared their experience, tips and tricks and everyone went away having learnt something new.

April 2004 -- Games!

Our own Andrew Hayes demos a multitude of games, giving hints, tips and pointers

The ever popular games meeting was hosted by gamer extrodinaire Andrew Hayes.  Meeting attendees could watch or play, and PC’s were also set up to demo online gaming techniques, pitfalls and multiplayer aspects of the games. Some of the available games were Battlefield 1942 : Desert Combat mod, Stars Wars : Knights of the Old Republic, Space Colony, Prince of Persia : Sands of Time, Need for Speed : Underground, and Rise of Nations. Hayes also supplied free copies of Desert Combat to interested gamers. 

This meeting is very labor intensive and requires a lot of coordination with others who bring the equipment to make it work.  Please give Hayes your thanks the next time to contact him.

March 2004 Amir Ayalon on Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a scientific technique that enables your web page to appear prominently (closer to the beginning) in the results of a search engine query.

As a scientific method, there are two distinct factors that have a direct effect on your page rank.

On Page Factors: Anything you can change ON a page that will effect its rank in a search engine.

Off Page Factors: Anything you can change OFF a page (eg. Changing something on another page) that will effect its rank in a search engine.

Simply put, the formula for determining the search engine ranking for a particular page using a given keyword or phrase is as follows:
Search Engine Rank = OffPageFactors x OnPageFactors

By adhering to and taking in to account both “On Page Factors” and “Off Page Factors”, your website has a significantly better chance of achieving a high rank.

One seminar participant summarized it as follows:

One category On Page Factors rules specifically focus on the ways to compose your page. Adhering to On Page Factor rules means you have a better chance to be rated higher.

The other set of rules are Off Page Factors—mostly having to do with external references to your page. When many pages have links to your page it will be given a better assessment.  In addition, the ranking of an external page affects your page.  Just imagine if Yahoo’s top page had a link to your page.”

Keyword selection is also a critical part of the SEO process. There are free tools available to find out what keywords are most often used in searches. Additionally, there is a highly automated software suite of tools called SeoSpy, (a commercial service) that makes the task of SEO much easier for beginners and professionals alike.

Sozon is a search engine optimization and total online marketing services company.

Feb. 2004 Adam Taylor on Microsoft Security & Longhorn

February 2004 Meeting
Adam Taylor, Microsoft, Security, Longhorn and other issues for PC users

Get the full meeting report by Jonathon Walsh of Business Grow here.

Jan 2004 -- Technocraft, Roboword Dictionary & Translation Software

Demonstration and explanation of translation software tools and improvements

Dec 2003 -- Benjamin Kowarsch, VoIP and Linksys, latest products

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