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Although not listed here, all domain names resolving to IP addresses and are for sale on one condition    -->

Since brands, businesses, individuals are currently relying so much on a closed Internet (Facebook, など), this site was created to help them regain freedom with significantive memorable names.

I will keep either LABINET.COM or SIGNIFICANTIVE.COM for me. *This page isn't always up-to-date; some domain names may not resolve because I didn't renew them!

arturo@significantive.com 3-12-6-505 Miyazaki Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki 216-0033, Kanagawa JAPAN Home +81 44 853 1548 Mobile 090 6504 7221
PersonalLoans.com has been the highest ranked domain transaction this year at $1,000,000, and I couldn't resist registering a less cacophonic synonymous. ParticularLoans.com What else can Darwin say?
Particular loans could be the most remarkable money solution...

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Japanese/Spanish Applicants for New gTLD Strings (June 13, 2012)
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Endogamous economics, politics, business, trade-->

Invest in these gems of digital real estate! Make me an offer by arturo@significantive.com

Is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others.



Obtain the most significant&significative hybrid in the internet's history from me and register a SIGNIFICANTIVE company in your country.


Commission Offered

I will pay a 35% commission to a domain broker (individual or company) for brokering a sale of any of the domains listed in this page, or under significantive.com / labinet.com (ip addresses / Take listed prices as a reference, please. Also see here. E-mail arturo@significantive.com if interested.

*If you require to deal with a company, almost all my domains are listed at SEDO.COM, AFTERNIC.COM for sale.

These gems are for sale
bodeguita.co 05/11/2013
azule.co 06/18/2013
biofach.co 06/20/2013
sanfranchisco.com 06/26/2013
linguist.co 07/04/2013
moebelhaus.co 07/05/2013
japantourism.co 07/07/2013
madridtourism.co 07/07/2013
wwwomen.co 07/07/2013
floridatourism.co 07/08/2013
newyorktourism.co 07/08/2013
romatourism.com 07/09/2013
olivegreen.co 07/12/2013
colorsexy.com 07/13/2013
escdot.com 07/16/2013
myhaus.co 07/19/2013
uotsurishima.com 07/20/2013
biota.co 07/23/2013
ultraplus.co 07/25/2013
insolar.co 07/26/2013
solargreen.co 07/26/2013
solargreen.org 07/27/2013
desertirony.com 07/27/2013
travelscrappa.com 07/29/2013
israeltourism.co 07/29/2013
homeownersenergy.com 07/31/2013
alaskatourism.co 07/31/2013
irelandtourism.co 07/31/2013
scotlandtourism.co eauminerale.co machiawase.co relativelyrelative.com buscarhotel.co chercherhotel.com portugaltourism.co greecetourism.co wineappreciation.co lasvegastourism.co periodgreen.com tokyopc.co sciencelab.co creamis.co plusadded.com uotsuri.com uotsuri.org tsuri.co tekkie.co shibuya.co manjar.co appealingspace.com scentsexy.com formsexy.com studyinter.net agres.co ecosystem101.com  ecosystems101.com  innovationandgreen.com standardandgreens.com  cloudedby.com lvsalcorcon.com alcorconlvs.com foreign-trade.co actasapostilladas.com actaapostillada.com 88temple.com allaroulette.com rakune.com todai.co britaintourism.co japaninc.co japaninc.org madridmart.com mexicomark.com giftware.eu gaokao.eu  mobiliar.co tourismeuro.com  chinesegaokao.com sonet.co 楽店.com demosofia.com fundavailable.com girls.vg mrxijinping.com gyomen.com  posidonia.co surnames.co  russiainter.net indispensableitem.com indispensableitems.com farmingfrontier.com fiscalprecipice.com behavioral.co  karaokebox.co cannabisparadox.com ayer.co familycooking.co teso.co densou.co equis.co asiagreen.co afamily.co picaplets.com letrados.co 中国日本韓国.com tokyotaikai.com 世界の船旅.com midorinohi.com 2percentinflation.com 対応.com proprietorsinsurance.com homeproprietorsinsurance.com homeproprietors.com  ハローウィン.com コスる.com 範囲.com NakamotoSatoshi.com (中本 哲史) humbleboss.com dronophile.com additivemanuf.com additivebldg.com additivebuilding.com freefabrication.com 3Dプリンティング.com  3dptg.com papables.com 3Δ.com

Moebelhaus.com was number 10 sale for Mon. Nov. 8, 2010 - Sun. Nov. 14, 2010. It was sold at Sedo for €15,000 ($20,250).

Since the German Economy has regained its competitiveness, the domestic demand for something as appreciated as furniture will be strong.


I would recommend them as a package, not necessarily to be used in only one site but to get a better deal from me. I will let them go for exactly the same price paid for just one name:
€15,000. Separately I'd have to think about the price for each.


A Display of Power

The largest binary COM domain in the world is a 209-bit, 63 character name that I registered in August 2010. It was well-received and it's well-rated. I haven't tried to get it recognized by Guinness World Records for I'm lazy. Buy it from me and you can claim having the largest binary COM name under the Sun at guinnessworldrecords.com.

206 102844034832575377634685573909834406561420991602098741459288064  63 char
207 205688069665150755269371147819668813122841983204197482918576128  63 char
208 411376139330301510538742295639337626245683966408394965837152256  63 char

209 822752278660603021077484591278675252491367932816789931674304512.com  63 char
210 1645504557321206042154969182557350504982735865633579863348609024 
64 char



World Record for $15,000


When I was small my grandpa used to get angry with my father and my uncle if they used chemicals instead of manure to fertilize the soil when they sowed wheat, barley, oat. In the whole globe, including Japan where I live now, we are witnessing a unstoppable trend towards organic agriculture, eco housing, bio products, etc.





Car Insurance
Cheap Insurance
Home Insurance
Home Owner
Home Owner Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
Insurance Company
Insurance Leads
Renters Insurance

WILMINGTON, N.C., Nov. 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/
HomeInsurance.com Acquires HomeownersInsurance.com for $570k
ownhomeinsurance.com covers all

I'm not asking for $570k but $20,000


Not all that sparkles are diamonds, nor all that sparks is a sparking plug. It might also be an excellent, inexpensive Spanish sparkling cava, sparkling German water, etc. Japanese department stores hold many sparkling sale(s)


3-in-1 for

Voarei.com was first seen in January 2001. This six-letter domain is one of the most beautiful names one can develop for a travel site selling air tickets. First-person singular (eu) of future indicative of verb voar in Portuguese and Galician languages, it means I will fly. A priceless name considering the muscle of Brazil and all events being organized by a country hungry for success as ONE nation.



I reckon most of us prefer to travel alone than in bad company. On the other hand travelling with someone who, without being prince charming or enchanted princess, keeps us company, is usually preferable. travelaccompanied.com

When I started doing business with 101DOMAIN.COM I realized how memorable this domain name was. That's why I created 101SURE.COM, that's even more memorable. 101sure.com

I don't expect this IDN to fetch the $9,500,000 of Porn.com nor the $13 Million paid for Sex.com However this domain is a genuine piece of art and I expect it to be regarded as such.



Endogamous economics, politics, business practices, trade, など endogamics.com

Vintage Names with immensurable possibilities for development of a site dealing with wine. bottle-of-wine.com
wineinter.net  wineappreciation.co

This .EU IDN has been tremendously popular since I registered it as a pp. of naître. I haven't researched the reason behind its popularity but I guess it has to do with social networking and the fact that in Galician-Portuguese "eu" means "I": né.eu? One of my top domains, I'm proud it's somehow contributing to support the .eu Project.



I'll throw ué.eu (l'Union européenne) in free

Time to separate the wheat from the chaff (separar el trigo de la paja). I'll let a good part of my domains expire and keep those that thru online experimentation, personal perception have proved to be worthy. I will gradually list them here, and put a price tag on them briefly explaining why a name (or a pack) is worth that much to me.

What’s in a name...

For a gossip site there is no better name. Registered it when some publications claimed that
President Barack Obama had had an affair. He denounced the allegations as a smearing campaign, and I believe it was. Still remember the scandal and impeachment of the first black president for putting the cigar in the wrong hole. I'm not terribly interested in pink press and the name has been unattended pointing to my server since I registered it. A 101% semantically charged domain name for the intended purpose.



Alexa has restarted ranking some of my websites.When significativebit.com went online one year back it ranked it for a while (it was well ranked, close to 100,000 mark) but then, as I added new sites to the same IP address, Alexa stopped ranking. It seemed unable to cope with many sites pointing to one IP address, or the other way around. I hope this time Alexa doesn't give up so easily for ranking sites is its business after all.

Reach the unmeasurable reaches of outer space. Immense site name for math, science, space, など



I speak Spanish to my students, Japanese with Japanese women, English frankly, and French rarely. [King Art, a polyglutton]
Englishlingua for international communication. Ideal platform for English as a lingua franca. Develop a site for the massive Chinese language market.




For Seo Mastering Purposes


Mais où est le français d'antan? lefrançais.com

Flying solo is a must to gain a private pilot's license but flying alongside someone is what these domains propose. flyaccompanied.com

Greek me! σσ.com ΣΣ.COM

From a-mazos, "without breast", because the Amazons, who were a nation of all-female warriors, had their right breast removed so they could use a bow with no impediment. sinteta.com

Spanish version of Amazon for $9,000

Great Tokyo is a state by itself. It deserves a Great Tokyo Real Estate. Its population is (and will keep) increasing because the youth of Japan are urbanite and dislike living in the countryside, and old people prefer the comfort of new dwellings. Property is comparatively cheap. Build an empire on these 2 Great Tokyo Real Estate names! greattokyorealestate.com

Sólo se anima ante el azar prohibido,
sobre el verde tapete reclinado...

sold at Sedo (Mon. Jan. 10, 2011 - Sun. Jan. 16, 2011) for €20,000 EUR.

2 for 10,000
New Parties
Tea Party
Café Party
Cafelito Party
Cafelitou Party
pleads for right order
Cafeli党, Japan's chapter

  hedonistic, consumerism, curious, beyond excessive, gourmand

GROUPON's competition isn't standing still...


#1 all-in-one domain for insurance in the internet. It's a brand-new, beautiful name. insureinter.net

Green, how I want you green. A killer name for a world-wide green project.

I live in a country whose motto is kaizen  (Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement.). Of course, there is always room for improvement but this domain has many apps. For example in sports ( FC Barcelona - Guardiola: "Better impossible"), masterpieces, beautiful women, fashion, など betterimpossible.com


It was first seen in March 2011. In about 3 months it's ranked 3528 by Netcraft and 242,046 by Alexa. The buyer of this influential domain can keep the data that I've compiled with regard to it.  botsip.com


No need to reinvent the -->

ruelete.com !




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