Game of Drones
China stepping up drone deployment
Japan, meanwhile, is developing and purchasing military drone capabilities to counter what it regards as Chinese aggression and Beijing’s growing military capabilities as Tokyo’s dispute with China over the Senkaku islands intensifies, the officials said.

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2016: el año en que los drones despiertan

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Year of the Drone

 Sealed in Blood


Rise of the drone hobbyists By Tara McKelvey BBC News


Drones are, along with smart phones and 3-D printing, one of a handful of genuinely transformative technologies to emerge in the past 10 years.

jus25a03.pdf (What Happens When Drones Return to America) al-qaida-papers-drones.pdf

We’re 5,000 feet up above the Irish Sea but the pilot is 20 miles behind us in a hut in a corner of a Lancashire airfield.


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Domestic drones and their unique dangers Dismissive claims that drones do nothing more than helicopters and satellites already do are wildly misinformed

U.S. military to deploy unmanned spy plane in northern Japan

Global Hawk surveillance aircraft AFP

The CIA Actually Thought Saddam Had Drones Full of Bioweapons

Domestic Drones Stir Imaginations, and Concerns

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When the Whole World Has Drones


The GPS-Enabled DJI Phantom Quadcopter Makes The AR.Drone Look Like A Toy

Pentagon’s Mad Scientists Want to Launch Killer Drones From Small Warships

Holder does not rule out drone strike scenario in U.S.

US Navy shows laser shooting down a drone 9 April 2013


China’s new UCAV, a small bird-like drone shown during a recent military show at Zhuhai / Source: Chinese Internet

Attack of the Drones

As Washington pushes to expand its drone warfare in Africa, hundreds have gathered in front of the White House to protest the “robotic killing machines” slaughtering thousands across the globe.
Congresswoman Proposes Ban On Armed Drones In U.S., Regulating Surveillance

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News for drones

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Dan Koeck for The New York Times

Everything Libertarians and Liberals Get Wrong About Drones



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Google robots may pose challenge to Amazon drones

Google has hired a team of Japanese engineers who make humanoid robots

Obama should lift secrecy on drones

Drones over U.S. cities: creepy or constructive?

Visions of Drones Swarming U.S. Skies Hit Bipartisan Nerve

British designer Adam Harvey is pushing a clothing line intended to thwart thermal surveillance from drones overhead. (ahprojects.com)

Beware the drones of March: FBI seeks quadrocopter that buzzed airliner

Senate Hearing: Drones Are "Basically Flying Smartphones"

Popular Science Bracket: Land Robots Vs. Flying Drones

Company To Make Anti-Drone Tech Available To The Masses

Watch A Flying Drone Get Zapped By Tesla Coils, And Keep Flying

Build Your Own DIY Space Plane

Flying Robots 101: Everything You Need To Know About Drones

A Drone Flew Within 200 Feet Of A Commercial Jet. How Legal Was It? [Updated]

Is This The World's Dumbest Drone?

The More Americans Know About Drones, the Less They Like Them

Look! Up in the sky! 10,000 drones in US by 2020

Farmers 'may shoot down drones' sent by Animal Liberation to check their stock

France ‘to buy US drones

Why Sticks and Stones Will Beat Our Drones

Navy unveils first squadron of drones amid debate over use in warfare
Published May 02, 2013

Drones for the German military stir controversy

British military has 500 drones

Pak Court Orders Gov't to Shoot Down US Drones May 10, 2013

Can Musharraf save U.S from liability for drone attacks?
By Mirza Shahzad Akbar, special for CNN May 10, 2013

Alt-week 5.11.13: drones, more drones and dual perspective advertising By James Trew posted May 11th, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Even Canada's Drones Are Nicer Than Ours

Pilotless Planes, Pacific Tensions
Published: May 12, 2013

Growing anger over US drones in Yemen

Presumptive Pakistani PM says he wants good relations with US but drones violate sovereignty

Will the Navy’s New Killer Drones Hunt Terrorists or Fight China? By David Axe 05.15.13

Drones Take Off in Silicon Valley
May 15, 2013

France in talks with U.S., Israel to buy drones: minister

Israel is world's largest exporter of drones, study finds
In eight years Israel exported $4.6 billion worth of UAVs, to countries ranging from Britain to Azerbaijan and Uganda.

US drones are regularly used to strike militants in Yemen, but they have also claimed civilian lives


Protecting Bambi With Drones: PETA's Ingrid Newkirk On Hunters, Horsemeat ...
PETA president and co-founder Ingrid Newkirk has led the world's largest animal rights organization for more than 25 years. Her passion and dedication to making this world a better place for all living beings has inspired countless others to do what ...
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A drone flying near you? SC in the running to host 1 of 6 testing sites
Avionics Intelligence
With concerns about the rise of a Big Brother -like spy government swirling in some circles, South Carolina is among 37 states with an applicant competing to host one of six new domestic unmanned aircraft testing sites. The purpose of the test site ...
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Obama's drones, Eisenhower's poison
Politico (blog)
Two-thirds of U.S. adults support President Obama's use of drone attacks against suspected terrorists, according to a March 25 Gallup survey. He seems to have less support among the progressive media, including voices at MSNBC and The Nation, which ...
Drones: Coming to a Sky Near You
The promoters of drones avoid calling them by that name, preferring the duller technical description of “unmanned aerial vehicles,” or UAVs. That's because “drone” to most people means the deadly remote-controlled missile launcher that is the Obama ...
Drones Are New; The Moral Challenge Is Not
New Haven Independent
On Saturday Yale Law School hosted a forum entitled “Thinking About Drones.” It was a fine forum, well moderated by Yale law professor Oona Hathaway. The panelists were four very smart men who presented well and knew their topic cold. As you might ...
Campaigners protest British drone strikes in Afghanistan
Anti-war campaigners opposed to Britain's use of armed drones in Afghanistan on Saturday marched on a military base that this week began hosting the aircraft's human operators for the first time. Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots had been operating Reaper ...
Bills aim to protect privacy as drone age dawns
Memphis Commercial Appeal
In this photo taken Monday April 15, 2013, a scale model of a pilotless aircraft, known as a drone, is displayed at a demonstration in Sacramento, Calif. As the interest in the domestic use of drones has increased, a measure to go before the Senate ...
Industry looks to use drones for commercial purposes
Kansas City Star
But the potential of a booming domestic drone industry for commercial purposes has entrepreneurs seeing dollar signs. A far stretch from the military strikes that most people typically associate with drones, developers have begun hatching a litany of ...
Immigration plan would add drones, already under scrutiny, to border security
WASHINGTON -- The bipartisan immigration proposal filed this month in the Senate would create a 24/7 surveillance system at U.S. borders that would rely significantly on increased use of drones. Under the bill, no immigrant with provisional legal ...
Anti-war demonstrators at Boeing annual meeting protest drones
Chicago Tribune
The protestors, representing the Anti-War Committee of Chicago, claim that Boeing-made drones kill innocent civilians and say they're concerned that the use of drones is growing. Drones are unmanned aircraft operated by military personnel using video ...
Drones: guardians or a menace to privacy?
Coye Chesire, an associate professor at Berkeley's School of Information, is leading an “inaugural drone lab,” which is a kind of drone used by law enforcement for surveillance. This kind of drone might have been able to intercept the Boston Marathon ...
Anti-drone march takes place in Lincoln
The Linc
“Every Afghan have a name, war is not a video game!” ”1, 2, 3, 4, we don't want your drone war. 5, 6, 7, 8, spend it on the welfare state!” Chants filled the air on an otherwise quiet afternoon as hundreds of protesters marched from Lincoln South Park ...
30 arrested in NY during rally against drones
Wall Street Journal
SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Thirty people protesting against unmanned aerial drones outside Hancock Field Air Force National Guard Base have been arrested. The Post-Standard reports (bit.ly/12aGsae) that the arrests Sunday came after a series of rallies and ...
The Inevitability of Drones in the US and Abroad
Antiwar.com (blog)
Drones are the weapon of choice for fighting undeclared wars all over the Middle East. Surveillance drones are on the cusp of becoming that for U.S. government and law enforcement officials as they continue their efforts to observe everyone as much as ...
Uncertainties remain as FAA integrates drones into American skies
Kansas City Star
WASHINGTON — Thousands of unmanned aircraft systems – commonly known as drones – could be buzzing around in U.S. airspace by 2015 because of a law passed last year, aiding in police investigations, scientific research and border control, but also ...
US drones strain on Yemeni's dual loyalties
BBC News
Farea al-Muslimi was born and raised in the poor Yemeni village of Wessab, the son of a farmer. He received his primary school education underneath a tree in a town that was bereft of electricity and paved roads. Yet on 23 April, Mr Muslimi appeared in ...
Will Bureaucracy Keep The US Drone Industry Grounded?
NPR (blog)
Americans are suspicious of drones. Reports of the unmanned aerial vehicles' use in war zones have raised concerns about what they might do here at home. For instance, in Seattle earlier this year, a public outcry forced the police department to ...
While drones are a valuable weapon, nation needs more details on their use
Buffalo News
Drones are not going away, and that's a fact. They have proved too useful in the fight against terrorism and they are no more likely to be taken out of commission than are machine guns or washing machines. But the problems with drones are not going to ...
Your Comments on Hancock drone protest: 'Policies won't be carried out when ...
A weekend of anti-drone workshops and rallies organized by the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars.ended Sunday with the arrests of 31 protesters outside the Hancock Field Air National Guard Base. More than 250 people gathered at ...
Protesters march against UK drones as MoD reveals 'drone sharing' with US
Bureau of Investigative Journalism
The news prompted Conservative MP Rehman Chishti to warn that armed drone operations in Afghanistan by the RAF and the United States Air Force have become so interchangeable that Britain 'may no longer be able to determine accountability and ...
US reportedly ready to sell 'MQ-9 Reaper' drones to Germany
Deutsche Welle
According to a report on Spiegel's online portal, the US was ready to approve an official German request for three armed MQ-9 Reaper drone aircraft (formerly known as the "Predator B") and four ground control stations, to be filed in May this year ...
Blue helmet drones? UN prepares to send drones over Africa.
Christian Science Monitor
Drones are heading to the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as part of an intervention force to root out the rebel groups that have destabilized the region for years. Meanwhile, the UN is mulling the idea of unarmed drones sent to Ivory Coast ...
Indonesia Readies Mass Production of Drones - Voice of America
Voice of America
JAKARTA, INDONESIA — Indonesia has announced that it will begin to mass-produce surveillance drones this year. Analysts say Indonesia's local drone development and production is part of a broader trend of rapidly modernizing militaries in the Asia ...
UK government to get drone deaths keepsake
Tehran Times
c_330_235_16777215_0___images_stories_edim_03_uk(9).jpg British anti-war activists will hand the Prime Minister's office at No 10 Downing Street a “drone quilt” on May 7 that is created of sewn patches featuring names of victims of killer-drone attacks ...
Drones coming to a neighborhood near you! Column - USA Today
The Federal Aviation Administration estimates that drones will be a $90 billion-plus industry over the next decade; a trade group for the industry projects the creation of more than 100,000 jobs by 2025. So this is the argument that privacy advocates ...
Rand Paul Elaborates: Armed Drones Not OK For 'Normal Crime'
North Country Public Radio
Apr 24, 2013 — Kentucky's junior senator, who gained a good deal of attention from a 13-hour anti-drone filibuster, is again making news related to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. But now, the potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate is ...
Boston Police Want Drones Watching Next Marathon
Huffington Post
In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, Police Commissioner Ed Davis said he'd like to see domestic reconnaissance drones at next year's race. But can our legal framework handle the dawn of domestic drone surveillance while protecting privacy?
With rise of drones, neutralizer hoodies, scarves come into fashion
Washington Times
The Federal Aviation Administration predicts that as many as 30,000 drones could be flying in American skies by 2020. Law enforcement, media outlets, farmers, first responders, surveyors and a host of others will be among the first in line to buy and ...
Guest: Boston bombings make a case for drones, waterfront cameras
The Seattle Times
Many people have voiced opposition to cameras on the Seattle waterfront and to the fielding of very small, unarmed drones by the Seattle Police Department for visual observation. People who complained believe these tools represent Big Brother intruding ...
EDITORIAL: Dodging drones - Washington Times
The emotions raised by the Boston Marathon bombing are clouding the judgment of policymakers, tempting them to expand domestic surveillance to thwart ...
Everything Amitai Etzioni Gets Wrong about Liberals, Libertarians ...
By Ethan Gach
There I was, enjoying some left-over pasta and a diet Canadian Dry on my lunch break. “Time to read something,” I thought. So I browsed my favorites tab in search of something meaty to sink my teeth into–maybe a rant.
The League of Ordinary Gentlemen
Everything Libertarians and Liberals Get Wrong About Drones
The Atlantic
Critics argue that drones reflect a usurpation of power by the "imperial presidency." This is to say that President Obama, who has greatly expanded the employment of drones, is acting without Congressional authorization and oversight. Actually Congress ...
Where Will the Drone Jobs Go? States Balance Economic Opportunity with ...
Drones are on the minds of a lot of lawmakers right now. Their domestic arrival is now inevitable—the FAA estimates that 7,500 small drones, formally referred to as unmanned aircraft, will be in American skies by 2018. Drones will be fertilizing crops ...
Dogs and Drones, Cameras and Phones
Huffington Post
Drones. From the beginning of the controversy, The Huffington Post has played host to a critically important conversation about drones, or UAVS, "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles." On the domestic front, the controversy has been doing a slow but accelerating ...
Domestic Drone Arrest Database Being Built By Defense Lawyers Group
U.S. News & World Report
More drone arrests are coming to the United States, and a prominent group of defense lawyers wants their clients to be prepared. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has set up a database of information to help lawyers defend clients ...
Boston Bombings Show Future Use For Police Drones - Huffington Post
Huffington Post
Even if police drones weren't used in the manhunt for the Boston Marathon suspects, drones have become central to the post-bombing discussion of surveillance techniques. Boston Police Chief Edward F. Davis said he wants to use drones at next year's ...
Drones and Choppers at Base Camp?
Outside Magazine (blog)
As I strolled over the rocky moraine of our base camp with java on my mind, I heard what sounded like a swarm of angry mosquitos approaching, and then saw the small 6 rotor drones flying about filming the tents of our camp below. I first saw this drone ...
One Step Closer to Meaningful Oversight of International Targeted Killing
Huffington Post
Senator Richard Durbin (IL) convened a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights, entitled "Drone Wars: The Constitutional and Counterterrorism Implications of Targeted Killing." Military leaders ...
A young Yemeni writer on the impact and morality of drone-bombing his country
The Guardian
Ibrahim Mothana is a 24-year-old Yemeni writer and activist. I first became aware of him when he wrote an extraordinary Op-Ed in the New York Times last year urging Americans to realize how self-destructive and counter-productive was Obama's escalating ...
Tiny Device Will Detect Domestic Drones
  A Washington, D.C.-based engineer is working on the "Drone Shield," a small, Wi-Fi-connected device that uses a microphone to detect a drone's "acoustic signatures" (sound frequency and spectrum) when it's within range. The company's founder, John ...
Drones In America Using Drones to Patrol the Drug War Is Foolish — And Illegal
The United States has begun using unarmed surveillance drones on the open seas of the Caribbean as part of the ever-present War on Drugs. Unlike the armed predator drones readers may be more familiar with, these drones, like the majority of military ...
Legal group launches Domestic Drone Information Center
Daily Caller
On Tuesday, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) announced the launch of its Domestic Drone Information Center to act as a hub for its effort to aggregate public data on unmanned aircraft systems. The impending deadline of the ...
UI students bring drones, science to Stratton
Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette
Rowan Abzug, 9, center, flies a drone with the aid of University of Illinois engineering student Sunny Gautam, right, as Yaara Amit, left, waits her turn, at the Stratton Leadership and Microsociety magnet school in Champaign on Tuesday April 30, 2013.
HARPER: Drone of contention: Journalists weigh use of aerial devices
Washington Times
But journalists have started to study the use of drones, particularly for coverage in isolated places such as the coastline after an event such as Hurricane Sandy, when roads and other means of access are blocked. Moreover, drones, which are far less ...
Spokesman's responds to news story regarding alleged deal on drones
Associated Press of Pakistan
ISLAMABAD, April 7 (APP)- Foreign Office on Sunday responding to a query regarding a story published in New York Times on an alleged deal on drones, said that the story is baseless and a part of the propaganda to create confusion about the clear ...
Insect-Eye Camera Offers Wide-Angle Vision for Tiny Drones - IEEE ...
By Jeremy Hsu
New “insect eye” cameras could someday help flying drones see into every corner of a battlefield or give tiny medical scopes an all-around view inside the human body. A team of researchers from the United States has constructed such a ...
IEEE Spectrum Recent Content
Navy unveils first squadron of drones
(AP) — The Navy is inaugurating its first squadron with unmanned aircraft, formally adopting drone technology amid debate over its growing use in warfare. Military officials will launch the maritime strike squadron called ''Magicians'' on Thursday at ...
Ban on Civilian Drones Advances in California
California lawmakers on Tuesday continued to move forward with efforts to place privacy restrictions on the civilian use of unmanned aerial systems before the federal government acts to integrate drones into the national airspace. "Whether we like ...
Ohio drones spark safety vs. privacy debate
New surveillance technology, in the form of domestic drones, is taking flight amid fears that it could go too far. They are not the remote-control predator drones used to target and kill suspected terrorists abroad. These domestic drones are un-armed ...
Drones are forces' eyes in the sky - Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning Herald
The use of drones has been one area where the 12-year war in Afghanistan has propelled the Australian Defence Force forward in considerable strides. Before the team of about 30 Australian pilots, analysts and support staff of the Heron detachment at ...
Drone Regulation Bill Passes California Senate
Courthouse News Service
(CN) - A privacy bill that would regulate the how drones are used in California commercially and by law enforcement passed a committee of the state Senate. Sponsored by Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Los Angeles, the bill prohibits weapon-equipped drones, ...
UK sends underwater drones to Gulf for anti-mines exercise
The Guardian
Nineteen underwater drones, some of them from the UK, have been sent to the Gulf as part of a naval operation designed to deter mine-laying amid continuing tensions between the west and Iran over Tehran's nuclear programme. Up to 40 nations will take ...
For the First Time, Brits Launch Drone Strike From Home
It was only a week after the RAF began to control its drones from home territory. Before, the RAF controlled its squadron of five Reaper drones — each armed with up to two 500-pound GBU-12 Paveway bombs and four AGM-114 Hellfire missiles — from ...
US drone strikes being used as alternative to Guantánamo, lawyer says
The Guardian (blog)
The lawyer who first drew up White House policy on lethal drone strikes has accused the Obama administration of overusing them because of its reluctance to capture prisoners that would otherwise have to be sent to Guantánamo Bay. John Bellinger, who ...
Uncertainties remain as FAA integrates drones into American skies ...
Thousands of unmanned aircraft systems – commonly known as drones – could be buzzing around in U.S. airspace by 2015 because of a law passed last year, ...
Drones Done Right | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson
Al-Muslimi related personal accounts of drone-induced backlash against America and against him, a U.S. supporter, explaining how civilian deaths from drones ...
As US drone strikes rise in Yemen, so does anger
Chicago Sun-Times
SANAA, Yemen (AP) — The cleric preached in his tiny Yemeni village about the evils of al-Qaida, warning residents to stay away from the group's fighters and their hard-line ideology. The talk worried residents, who feared it would bring retaliation ...
Navy Unveils First Squadron Of Drones - Huffington Post
Huffington Post
Drones have become a game changer in modern warfare, allowing the military to penetrate areas that may be too risky for troops and giving forces greater flexibility because operators can be swapped out easily at their desks versus bringing back and ...
UN report says drones violate law
The Australian
THE United Nations Human Rights Council has called for a moratorium on the production, transfer and use of drones worldwide because the robotic weapons violate international law. The draft report released on Thursday says the use of lethal autonomous ...
US targeted drone killings used as alternative to Guantanamo Bay - Bush lawyer
A lawyer who was influential in the United States' adoption of unmanned aircraft has spoken out against the Obama administration for what he perceives as using drones as an alternative to capturing suspects and sending them to Guantanamo Bay prison ...
China emerging as new force in drone warfare, analysts say
Fox News
Chinese aerospace firms have developed dozens of drones, known also as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. Many have appeared at air shows and military parades, including some that bear an uncanny resemblance to the Predator, Global Hawk and ...
Drones: U.S. Navy unveils first squadron incorporating controversial unmanned ...
Daily Mail
The Fire Scout drone - which can be controlled by a pilot up to 110 miles away and can remain in the air for at least eight hours - will be for surveillance and target acquisition. First: The first U.S. Navy helicopter squadron to include unmanned ...
Domestic Drone Bills Seek To Protect Privacy Rights - Huffington Post
Huffington Post
State legislatures nationwide are looking at measures to restrict the use of drones domestically, as privacy and ethical concerns mount among the public about the use of the unmanned vehicles. The specter of drones surreptitiously hovering over ...
Drones for the German military stir controversy
Deutsche Welle
Minister of Defense Thomas de Maizière, of Germany's Christian Democratic Party (CDU), is quite clear about why the German Armed Forces - the Bundeswehr - needs the unmanned drone aircraft navigated by remote control. The argument he used in ...
US Navy gets their first squadron of drones — RT USA
The United States Navy has officially entered the drone business.
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Boston Bombings Show Future Use for Police Drones
While many approve of drone use to pursue known suspects, debate over their use for continuous surveillance at public events like the Boston Marathon rages on.
Government Technology News
Defence considers drones, while UN wants moratorium on lethal robots
Australian Techworld
The Department of Defence's new White Paper is exploring the introduction of defence drones for Australia, but a recent United Nations report could put the kibosh on killer robots. The UN Special Rapporteur (PDF), authored by South African professor of ...
Drones spark ire in Yemen - Philly.com
FILE - In this Monday, April 29, 2013 file photo, Yemeni soldiers stand guard as protestors, unseen, protest to denounce American drone attacks in Yemen, in front of US embassy in Sanaa, Yemen. A public backlash is starting to grow in Yemen over ...
China's rise as a force in drone warfare could affect regional power balance ...
Washington Post
BEIJING — Determined to kill or capture a murderous Mekong River drug lord, China's security forces considered a tactic they'd never tried before: calling a drone strike on his remote hideaway deep in the hills of Myanmar. The attack didn't happen ...
McClatchy Washington Bureau
A taco-toting drone may be circling in the sky. Researchers at the Darwin Aerospace laboratory in San Francisco have designed the Burrito Bomber, the world's first airborne Mexican food delivery system, which would allow customers to have food ...
Dealing in Drones: Big Business of Unmanned Flight
The agency estimates as many as 7,500 drones could be in commercial use over U.S. towns and cities within five years. And while civil liberties groups like the ACLU cry foul over what they see as an increase in domestic surveillance, the UAV industry ...
Privacy Concerns Shouldn't Ground Journalism Drones
Slate Magazine
This blog post arises from Future Tense, a partnership of Slate, the New America Foundation, and Arizona State University. On Tuesday, May 7, Future Tense will host an event in Washington, D.C., on the use of drones in the United States. For more ...
The bad joke called 'the FISA court' shows how a 'drone court' would work
The Guardian
It's also significant in light of recent calls that a "drone court" be created that would provide for a similar process for the president's desire to target for execution people who have been charged with no crime. The New York Times Editorial Page has ...
Drones now being used at Pittsburg State
Pittsburg State University uses drones to teach students about the ever changing world of technology. PSU is using the drones in the classroom and for promotional videos. While students work on a few experiments in class now, they'll soon be getting ...
Duuude, Finally: Drones That Deliver Beer
Popular Science
This August, drones will drop payloads all over South Africa's OppiKoppi music festival, and there's a good chance no one will mind. Probably because the payload is beer. Customers thirsty for beer will order beer with their phones, then someone will ...
US Navy unveils unmanned drone squadron 'the magicians'
BBC News
The US Navy has launched a squadron combining unmanned drones as well as manned aircraft, amid a national debate over the role of drones in warfare. The Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 35, called the Magicians, is the first such unit. It will have ...
Northwest Herald
At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington last week on the drone program, Farea al-Muslimi, a Yemeni whose village had been struck only days earlier, told the senators that drones are “harming efforts to win hearts and minds,” saying drones ...
Drones, Ethics, and the rising tide of US Technological Imperialism
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
One of the more famously used drones by U.S. military is the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator, which has been in operation since 1995. According to P. W. Singer, author of Wired For War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century, “From June ...
The Game of Drones
The mysterious legal authority for Barack Obama's killer drone program flows from another administration with an elastic interpretation of executive power: that of Richard Nixon. In a chilling 16-page dossier known simply as the White Paper, one of ...
Farmers Experiment With Drones WSJcom
Farmers are starting to investigate the use of drones for a decidedly nonmilitary purpose: monitoring crops and spraying pesticides.
Drone warfare ramps up - Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Sun
China's increased use of drones also adds to concerns about the lack of internationally recognized standards for drone attacks. The United States has widely employed drones as a means of eliminating terror suspects in Pakistan and the Arabian Peninsula.
Taco drone could take fast food to new heights - Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning Herald
The US Federal Aviation Administration likely will not decide until 2015 on the regulations to integrate burrito-bearing drones into urban airspace. But the potential of a booming domestic drone industry for commercial purposes has entrepreneurs seeing ...
PETA drones could be trendy new big-game hunting target
At first thought, the idea of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals using unmanned drones to spy on hunters, ranchers and farmers might bring some Kansans to anger. But a second look might reveal a much-needed economic opportunity to boost ...
Obama Drone Strikes Former Bush Lawyer Ironically Accuses Obama of ...
Just days after President Barack Obama renewed his vow to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, the lawyer who originally designed the legal framework for the U.S. policy of lethal drone strikes under George W. Bush has come out and criticized the ...
China's Drone Program Moving Into Overdrive
Huffington Post
China's security forces considered calling a drone strike to kill or capture a Mekong River drug lord at his remote hideaway in the hills of neighboring Myanmar. The attack didn't happen, but China's drone program appears to be moving into overdrive.
Imran vows to shoot down US drones
The News International
SWABI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman, Imran Khan vowed to shoot down US drones if they entered the Pakistani territory. Khan who was holding an election rally here on Saturday, brushed aside allegations being leveled against him asked JUI-F ...
Hunting feral hogs. At night. With drones.
Ars Technica
Brown and Palmer call their homemade, pig-hunting drone the Dehogaflier. The drone itself runs around $10,000 with all the gear attached, and it can feed live video to a screen on the ground, where the operator flies the plane with a joystick. It ...
UK plans to lead world in commercial use of pilotless drones
Financial Times
The “Flying Test Bed” funded by the UK government and companies including Rolls-Royce and Thales aims to prove that unmanned aircraft can safely mix with other air users, making drone flights routine. ©Charlie Bibby/FT. “We're at the dawn of a new ...
In its covert fight against al-Qaida in Yemen, the United States has dramatically stepped up its use of drone strikes the past year, scoring key successes against one of the most active branches of the terror network. With more than 40 strikes reported ...
Finally, Drones That Deliver Beer - Gizmodo
We've seen tacocopters and burrito bombers, and though those will probably be real someday, neither is going to be really dlivering anything any time soon. These beer drones, on the other hand, might actually be delivering real beer to real people. In ...
Beer Drones: Robot Helicopters Soon to Deliver Alcohol at Music Festival
Medical Daily
In a technological innovation that should trigger joy among concertgoers and panic among their livers, the South African music festival OppiKoppi has announced the debut of a beer drone delivery system that will allow customers to bypass long drink ...
Draft UN report calls for ban on drones - Middle East Monitor
Middle East Monitor
The UN Human Rights Council has prepared a draft report which calls for a universal ban on making, transporting and using unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs), otherwise known as drones. According to reports in Germany, the UNHRC has made the call ...
US drones to be shot down after May 11: Imran
The News International
SWABI/MARDAN/BUNER/CHARSADDA/NOWSHERA: Declaring his opponents as American stooges, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said on Saturday that US drones will be shot down if they appeared after May 11. Imran said the ...
In Yemen, US drone strike kills anti Al-Qaida preacher - AllVoices
Faysal heard the buzzing sound of the drones overhead in his village and later the blasts. Three militants who were to meet the Sheik Ali Jaber were killed but so was Ali Jaber and his cousin who had come to protect him. The US has dramatically ...
Drones Against Boston?
In order for the government to send drones against people they wish to spy on or to attack, they must have GPS-coordinates. Are the people of Boston aware that Lockheed Martin collected their census data?
Dirty Wars and Drones: Real National Security? - San Diego Free Press
San Diego Free Press
With a large scale model of an armed Predator drone provided by Veterans for Peace as a backdrop, a good portion of his talk focused on the use of drones, cruise missiles and cluster bombs to assassinate suspected terrorists in countries thousands of ...
Concerns over domestic drones
Concerns over domestic drones. Category. News & Politics. License. Standard YouTube License. Show more. Show less. Loading icon Loading... Loading icon Loading... Loading icon Loading... The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Loading icon ...
Drones taking off - Philly.com
Already, drones are in use to count sea lions in Alaska, to conduct weather and environmental research, and to monitor drug trafficking across our borders. In fact, 327 drones already have been licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly ...
US Navy launches squadron of drone helicopters
Press TV
A United Nations Human Rights Council report released on May 2 said the use of lethal autonomous robotics (LARs), or drones, has raised 'far reaching concerns about the protection of life during war and peace.'” Related Interviews: 'US war hawks must ...
China adds drones to arsenal
Springfield News-Leader
A truck loaded with the Chinese-made drone, the ASN-207, takes part in a 2009 military parade marking China's 60th anniversary held near Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Chinese aerospace firms developed dozens of drones, known also as unmanned ...
Letter: Drones would have helped in WWII
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Perhaps the protesters over the use of drones do not accept that they reduce the scope of devastation by inflicting a direct, rather than random attack, and spare putting a GI in harm's way. This member of Brokaw's “Greatest Generation,” for one, would ...
Cherry Hill Courier Post
Additional developments could see China competing with the world's two major drone producers, the United States and Israel, for markets in close ally Pakistan, Myanmar and other developing nations. Customers might even include Russia, which is the ...
Obama Drone War 'Kill Chain' Imposes Heavy Burden At Home
Huffington Post
And with the White House driving an exploding demand for more flights by reconnaissance and attack drones, an increasing burden is falling heavily on the enlisted Air Force men and women here -- "airmen," in official terminology -- often just a few ...
Chinese drones pose threat: experts
With a direct eye on Taiwan, the Chinese military may be moving into the large-scale deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. The Associated Press reported over the last few days that Chinese aerospace firms had developed dozens of ...
Ceylon Daily News
US: The US Navy has introduced its first squadron of drone helicopters, amid international and domestic opposition to Washington's use of surveillance and assassination drones. The squadron, called the Magicians, was unveiled at an air base near San ...
Gwynne Dyer: President Barack Obama, drone strikes, and Guantanamo Bay
John Bellinger is the last person in Washington you'd expect to criticize President Barack Obama for making too many drone strikes. It was he who drafted the (rather unconvincing) legal justification for targeted drone killings when he was legal ...
Beer Drones To Deliver Brew to Concertgoers
Thirsty music festivalgoers in South Africa this summer may be able to get beer instantly delivered to them — via drones. During August's OppiKoppi Music Festival, attendees can order beers from their phones to be delivered the event's District 9 ...
Drone cargo helicopters prove worth in Afghanistan, leading way to civilian uses
CAMP BASTION, Afghanistan -- In January a small group of U.S. Marines at a remote base near the village of Shurakay in northern Helmand province was running low on ammunition after fighting fiercely for days. The road in was too dangerous for a ...
China Emerging as New Force in Drone Warfare
The Irrawaddy News Magazine
A pre-flight inspection is performed on one of the United States' MQ-1B Predator unmanned drone aircraft in this file image 2008. Some of the drones being developed in China bear a resemblance to the Predator and other drones used by the United States.
IDF plans drone warning system for civilians
Israel Hayom
Due to concern that terrorist groups will arm drones with explosives and detonate them over civilian targets in Israel, the IDF Homefront Command is planning to set up a warning siren system similar to the one used for rockets • Main challenge is that ...
Florida restricts use of drones by law enforcement officials
Computerworld - In response to public concern that technological advances could threaten the privacy of citizens, Florida has passed a law restricting the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, by state law enforcement officials. It's the first ...
The Hidden Cost Of The Drone Program
North Country Public Radio
May 5, 2013 (All Things Considered) — One expert says the administration is operating drones with a "kill-not-capture" policy, adding that you don't get intelligence from those killed. But there's also a human toll -- from the pilots who remotely ...
Drones are deadly and dangerous - and not just to terrorists
It is increasingly clear that drone use is appallingly misunderstood by the US government. Democrats believe they are regaining their bona fidesin the national security field while not putting boots on the ground in dangerous areas; Republicans believe ...
Drones, Sequester Flexibility to Drive 2014 NDAA Debates
WASHINGTON — US Lawmakers are expected to battle over armed drones, softening the blow of military budget cuts and a controversial missile defense shield as they craft Pentagon policy legislation for fiscal 2014. Mirroring the political climate in ...
Role of drones expected to shift
Fort Worth Star Telegram
That's reduced the number of supply convoys needed on the province's bomb-infested roads, eased the workload and risk for helicopter and Osprey crews, saved money and provided real-world proof that drones are practical for much more than surveillance ...
A Drone's-Eye View of Nature
New York Times
The Raven, with its 55-inch wingspan, looks like one of those radio-controlled planes beloved of hobbyists. But its sophisticated video uplink and computer controls give it away as a small unmanned aerial system, better known as a drone. Drone ...
New Jihadi Magazine Makes Anti-Drone Appeal - VOA
Voice of America
In what appeared to be an acknowledgement of the effectiveness of U.S. drone strikes, the magazine said these were affecting the war in the Waziristan tribal areas of Pakistan — where al Qaeda is based along with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP ...
British military has 500 drones
The Guardian
The British military now has 500 drones and has been looking for ways to increase the amount of UK airspace in which to fly some of them, the Guardian can reveal. The expansion of the fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is in line with the ...
Drones coming to East Tennessee? They're already here
Drones are currently being used in East Tennessee, Examiner learned yesterday. And Knoxville's WATE-TV 6 will air a news segment about them tonight at 11, it said on its Facebook page. Drones are also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and ...
Meet The Kinder, Gentler Side Of Drone Technology: BEER ...
By Andrew Kirell
As our regular readers should know by now, I've made it clear my distaste for America's secretive and ever-morphing policy of using drone strikes for targeted assassinations of enemy combatants -- sometimes involving American citizens; ...
New militant magazine appeals for help against drones – The ...
By noreply@tribune.com.pk (Reuters )
One section is devoted to criticising Malala Yousufzai while another segment attacks the Pakistan Army.
The Express Tribune
Beer Drones OppiKoppi Festival (VIDEO) | The Braiser
By Tina Nguyen
You would think that America, the great nation which invented drones and multiple mechanisms that move beer from Point A (kegs) to Point B (your belly), would have gotten to the beer drone first. You win this time, South Africa.
The Braiser
Drone wars hit the states
Drones could soon be entering the airspace above you — and privacy-minded state lawmakers, banding together in an unusual left-right political alliance, are in a dogfight with law enforcement groups across the country as they move to put protections ...

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Drones Can Bypass Dogs, Fences, Burglar Alarms To Record People
May 1, 2013

Studying Birds, With a Drone’s Help: Drone technology, developed for warfare, is now being used to study the natural world. In Colorado, sandhill cranes are counted with a small drone called the Raven.

New English-language jihadi publication calls on Muslims to hack US drones

What the Drone Debate Is Really About

Bringing drones out of the shadows

A citizen’s complaint in a Seattle neighborhood news blog is getting around the Internet and causing some consternation: Can a drone be legally flown over your backyard or right in front of your bedroom window?

Inside The Navy's Historic Embrace Of At-Sea Combat Drones
The X-47B, which successfully launched from the USS George H.W. Bush, is an autonomous, algorithm- and-GPS controlled drone designed to test unmanned naval warfare.

Immigration bill would restrict drone use in California

Four Predators are based in Sierra Vista, Ariz.; two are in Corpus Christi, Texas; two are in Cocoa Beach, Fla.; and two are in Grand Forks, N.D.